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My website redirects to 404 page

Updated ${article_date}

There are a couple of situations when you will run into 404 error pages with your free hosting account.

  1. The specific request does not exist.
  2. The document root folder has been removed

In each of these cases, you can easily fix them yourself by reviewing each of the situation.

For the first issue, please open either File Manager or FTP and check if the specific file request exists.

For second issue, please open either File Manager or FTP and ensure that your document root folder exists. There two patterns for document root, the main site domain / subdomain document root and the Addon Domains, Parked Domains and Subdomains.

The main site domain / subdomain document root always points to:


The rest of the domains and subdomains will have a similar pattern:

  • for domains
  • for subdomains

Create the document roots folders using File Manager or FTP if they don't exists. If you still have issues after creating the document root, please open a support ticket.

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