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Do you have questions about our hosting service, or any of the offers on our website? Please see bellow our FAQ section which answers most of the questions you have.

The service is completely free, you just have to try it yourself! The account setup takes less than a minute, so don't hesitate and signup and try our service.

If you still have questions about our service after trying it for your self, please help check our Help Center for answers and tutorials to common questions and issues. If you still can't find what you are looking for, you can Submit a Ticket to us directly.

Please note that FN Host does not provide assistance or help in developing your site. That is the webmaster's (your) responsibility.

The premium features / offers displayed on our website are provided by iFastNet LTD., which is the company providing the premium hosting. For any questions related to premium hosting, please visit their site directly.

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FN Host only provides free hosting. So we cannot help you with premium hosting. Questions about premium hosting sent to us will be replied back to contact iFastNet LTD for support.

You can find the answers of many common questions in the Help Center. If you can't find the answer to your question there, you can also Submit a Ticket to us directly.

Please note that FN Host does not provide assistance or help with code support. If you want staff to help you personally with your website, please consider switching to premium hosting.

Go to iFastNet

You can find explanations and workarounds for many known issues in our Help Center. Additionally, if there are major system issues, we usually post an announcement in your Client Area for you so that you are aware of any major issues.

If you have an issues which isn't covered in the Help Center and it is not announced, you can Submit a Ticket to us directly.

While we do our best to keep you informed and respond to issues quickly, we cannot discuss these issues privately with website owners. So issue reports sent through other channels will be ignored.

If you purchased a premium hosting account through the upgrade section on our website, you have purchased a premium hosting account on iFastNet

iFastNet provides 24/7/365 support to their hosting customers. To contact iFastNet, please submit a support request through iFastNet's support portal. Note that you may need to create a new account to login to this portal.

For more information about why your account was suspended, please check the status of your account in your Client Area. From there, you can see why your account was deactivated, as well as learn how or when you account can be reactivated.

Does your account show as Active in the client area but does your domain redirect to anyways? Please see this article for more information.

For the security and confidentiality of your account, we cannot comment on the status or make changes to any accounts over email.

We take abuse reports very seriously. Please send your abuse report to and we will investigate your report promptly.

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